SGE-56 "The Flipside Entity"
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SGE-56 is to be kept in a standard Class G Humanoid cell equipped with a cot in the corner, and a shelf bolted to the wall. SGE56 is provided with three books: The Dictionary, Guinness Book of World Records 2019, and Sherlock Holmes Vol. 1. SGE-56 is to be provided food on a daily basis.

SGE-56 is a humanoid entity that is approximately 1.9 meters tall, weighs about 76.2 kg, and is approximately 63 years old. He has had his right arm and left leg amputated and replaced with prosthetic limbs. The left half of his face has had a metal plate embedded into it. He has green hair, glowing red eyes, grey skin, and a scar on his left hand that matches that of the scar on Dr. Gaimez's left hand. SGE-56 has the ability to read minds, and is faster and stronger than any human. SGE-56 has also been able to hop to different realities, but it is unconfirmed if he still has the ability to do so.

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