SBE-743 "The Old Knight"
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SBE-743 is to be kept in a 10x10x10 metre cell made of 5m thick reinforced steel. At regular intervals, an EMP is to be used to cancel any chance of alchemy activation. Any attempts to teach alchemy to others will be met with electrocution and returning to cell for entities or designation as an entity for staff.

SBE-743 is a human skeleton fused to a full suit of steel armour measuring approximately 6’6 in height. There is no skin, flesh or muscle present on its body.

SBE-743 is mostly cooperative, being very polite and respectful to both staff and entities that it meets. It spends most of its time scratching runes and markings into the floor and walls of its cell. It is intelligent and capable of speech, only showing aggression in self defence or when it hears the British monarchy being insulted.

He is able to perform a type of magic he refers to as ‘alchemy’. The process of this magic requires the use of a circle filled with various runes and sigils, it allows the user to change the shape of anything within the circle. It’s been seen that more complex circles are capable of changing the chemical and molecular makeup of items as well as affecting living tissue. EMP’s have been seen cancelling the use of the magic circles.

By unknown means SBE-743 can also manipulate the shape of his bones at will, using it to create weapons and other apparatuses.

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