SBE-565 "Maple"
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Entity#: SBE-565

Sector: Beta

Entity Containment Protocols: SBE-565 is to be contained in a standard Sector Beta humanoid containment chamber with tungsten alloy paneling. The containment chamber's ambient temperature is to be kept below 25 Celsius at all times to prevent SBE-565 from using its anomalous abilities to damage the integrity of the containment cell's interior and/or exterior. In the event that SBE-565 breaches containment or is being taken out of its containment chamber for testing purposes, standard issue tranquilizers are to be utilized to incapacitate SBE-565.

Origins: An unconscious SBE-565 was found on the surface of the Arctic not too far from the Operation’s main digging site. It appeared that SBE-565 had melted itself out of multiple layers of glacial ice before passing out on the surface most likely due to a major shift in its core temperature. SBE-565 was then taken into Operation custody immediately after its discovery. How SBE-565 got trapped under the ice in the first place is currently unknown.

Description: SBE-565 is an entity of demonic origin, having an appearance similar to imps in most religious cultures. SBE-565 has red skin, horns, a spaded tail, and sharpened teeth. To further support the claim that SBE-565 has origins relating to hell, SBE-565 itself claims to have originated from an unknown location within hell. SBE-565 stands at 1.47 meters, weighing 72 pounds.

SBE-565 has the innate ability to cause extreme temperature fluctuations to manifest within a controlled area around them, allowing SBE-565 to do a multitude of things to whatever they affect. SBE-565 can melt objects, start fires, warp metals, and disintegrate objects using this ability. SBE-565 also appears to have the capability of turning combustible materials1 directly into energy in the form of body heat. Upon producing enough thermal energy, SBE-565 can accidentally combust into flames, causing fire related damages to the area around them.

The thermal energy that SBE-565 produces is stored and circulated in its blood stream. It appears that SBE-565's blood has an extremely high heat capacity, having a currently unknown limit to it. Outside of its body, SBE-565's blood, hereafter referred to as SBE-565-1, appears to retain a constant temperature of 337 degrees Celsius2. Upon further examination of the subject with the use of x-rays, it can be inferred that SBE-565 has a bone structure similar to that of a human's, producing SBE-565-1 in their bone marrow.

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