SAE-1211 “Reaper”
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1211 is to be contained in a 15x15x15 metre cell with three layered walls. The inner and outer layer are 5 inch thick reinforced steel with the center layer being highly conductive material with a high current running through it. All upper limbs are to be chained to the back wall opposite the door, suspending her in the air slightly, made in a similar way to the walls.
An emergency generator must be maintained to power the walls and chains in case anything were to happen to the main power source.

SAE-1211 is a 6 metre long vaguely snake-like creature with two large scythe-like blades and two small arms ending in clawed hands. There are 6 long spikes on her back, she has a long tail and two leg-like appendages ending in tails. She has no eyes but a strong sense of smell and hearing.

She has a sadistic and animistic personality while being highly intelligent. It has become apparent that she only cares for hunting.

She is capable of warping short distances at will, able to take things it’s holding with it. It’s been seen that when focusing, it is able to open large warp gates that can let creatures through, this can be used to summon packs of large hound-like creatures but can be easily interrupted, forcing her to start again. The use of her warp is interrupted by strong electrical currents.

SAE-1211 is unable to speak herself, instead relying on taking limited control of women in her vicinity. She cannot control the movements of the women, only forcing them to stop and speak the words spoken to them possibly using a weak telepathy. Some of her emotions may show on the woman’s face but that’s the extent of her control. After being released from control, the woman has no memory of what happened.


Audio log from entity cross test 1:
Present: SBE-959 , SAE-1211 , C-385
Watching over: Dr Marvin Cooper

<begin log>

959: Finally a real monster.

1211: [speaking through C-385] True monster? Well if that’s what you want to call me then fine, after all it’s not like I can do anything about it. So boy, want do you want to ask? You people usually have questions.

959: How many, how many have you killed?

1211: [laughs] Do you expect me to remember that? I’ve hunted humans for over a century, every single day! But please, don’t think of me as a mindless killer because I did all that to survive, you can understand that right? After all humans have hunted down innocent little creatures for their entire existence. To me, humans are no different to rabbits or cows are to humans.

959: You could’ve eaten those same cows or rabbits, or worked with the humans for food, but instead you killed them by choice. And now it’s come to bite you for those same humans are above you on the food chain now.

1211: I was hoping you were too dumb to realise that. I will have you know that I’ve tried going for cattle and various forest creatures but unfortunately… [pause, giggle] But unfortunately those stupid things don’t give me enough of a thrill! I mean sure those dumb fucks scream and shit but it’s so much better with humans. I mean honestly, the smell of tears running down their face, their cries for mercy and loving old mummy.

959: [laughs] You enjoy their pain, their misery. That’s the difference between you and me. Not the strength, not the victim. You kill weaklings to watch them die, to feed on their misery. I kill things like you for the challenge, to look in their eyes when they’ve died for all the sins they have caused.

1211: [pause, chains rattle] I’ve encountered cocky brats like you before, I killed them, slaughtered them one by one. Some even had women on their team, I took great advantage of that to tease them with their little friend. It’s obvious that I’m not from earth, I’m from somewhere very, very far away and they have much better tech than here. The only reason I’m here is because I got over confident, I won’t make the same mistake twice.

959: [creates weapon, weapon spinning] You don’t need advanced weaponry to move fast and hit hard. Besides, I’m not from this world either and I’m not cocky I’m just stating the truth. That truth is, the only way you’re leaving this cell is in a body bag.

1211: How about you break these chains and make it a fair fight? You’re clearly not one who enjoys killing a weak and defenseless little woman.

959: [chuckle] I’d rather see you rot, but don’t worry I’ll be here if they ever want you gone.

1211: [loud echoed laugh from 1211 directly] I see, so in the end you don’t have the balls to do it yourself. Or maybe you're worried about what the Operation would say about killing one of their precious little entities. Surely not, not after that little speech of yours.

959: We’ll see one of these days.

1211: I sure hope we do, it’ll be rather anticlimactic if we don’t.

959: So umm [looks around cell] I feel like this conversation has reached a corner because neither of us are going to do anything.

1211: [pause] Well for me it’s more of a case if I can’t do anything. Chains, they’re miraculously things aren’t they. They stop us from killing each other, they stop me from escaping and killing maybe half the facility, letting more entities out and stuff. But ye-

[Audio cuts off, rest of audio is redacted, higher clearance needed]

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