Department of Medicine

Wherever you may go, you'll find wisemen and good witches in the woods that know how to cure what ails you. The Operation is no different and has brought on physicians within its staff in order to ensure the continued physical wellbeing of its staff. At times, it is known for these physicians to operate upon entities, with their medical expertise often being called upon for a variety of reasons. Normally, anomalous afflictions, they can be entrusted to treat their patients if there is adequate knowledge on how to do so from the Department of Research's findings. It also isn't foreign for a physician to typically work hand-in-hand with a researcher.

DEPARTMENT HEAD - Dr. Mercy Robinson
Age: 30 years old.
Height: 5'9"
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Angry
Synopsis: Sample Text
Notable Details:

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  • Dr. Minke Meijer
  • Dr. Fern Clark
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