Department of Security

The Personnel placed in charge of overseeing and overviewing the security of the facility and its operation are entrusted with the job of ensuring the safety of staff, the containment of entities, and protecting against foreign threats that may want to infiltrate the facility. They work hand-in-hand with the Department of Research in order to best know how to contain entities, and all of them have some sort of militaristic or martial background.

Age: 32 years old.
Height: 6'1"
Gender: Male
Sexuality Heterosexual
Synopsis: Alex Johnson is, in simple terms, an asshole. He appears to be rather laid back compared to the rest of the heads when it comes to the majority of the human staff but appears to have a strong hate towards entities. He has been seen doing his own form of torture on them, such as placing food just out of reach in front of a chained-up entity or taunting them.
Notable Details:

  • Alex Johnson is a former member of the mysterious and elite Delta Force, getting a reputation for being one of the best within his unit. This is what originally had gotten the attention of the Operation, who had picked him up to be the head of the North Facility.
  • Despite his lack of any advanced schooling compared to the rest of the Head's, Alex is still rather intelligent. While the operation was in the middle of transferring the Head of Engineering, Alex had taken up designing cells for the operation. No entities have breached the cells he designed.
  • Despite his evident hate towards Entities, Alex appears to have a soft spot for an entity named Spot, a gift from the Russian facilities and their strange canine program.


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