Department of Engineering

As man has burst forth into a technological era, there is a need for capable hands and minds to work the finer details of our technological marvels: These are engineers. The Operation has scouted talented individuals and recruited them for their various needs. They are tasked with overviewing and leading maintenance, repairs, communication devices, and technology in general. It is known for them to work hand-in-hand with C-Class individuals, ordering them on how to repair containment cells for dangerous entities, as the facility wouldn't send trained and valuable personnel into near-certain death. Beyond this all, their grandest purpose is to design containment cells, meaning they often work hand-in-hand with the Department of Research as well.

DEPARTMENT HEAD - Athalla "Arkhan" Adhyatman
Age: 33
Height: 6'3"
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Undetermined
Synopsis: Sample Text
Notable Details:

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  • Samuel J. Sunderland "Sammy"
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