Employee Handbook

Tables of Contents:
i. Welcome to the Operation.
ii. Protocols
iii. Entities
iV. Occupations
V. Closing

1. Welcome to the Operation.

This is Operation Under the Ice, an undisclosed multinational government entity established to study and further our understanding of beings beyond our knowledge. You have been recruited to help further the development and maintenance of this Operation, of which has been pushing the boundaries of knowledge and research since 1998 in major parts of Alaska, Russia and Canada. The Operation is centralized in the north, where you are now. The Entities seen under our care are to be safely contained, protected, and researched. Please refer to the guidelines below for further information.

2. Protocols.

Here at Under the Ice, we care about our employees, and thus rules and protocols are put forward for your health and safety. Breaching such protocols will put you under evaluation for all your work performance to be looked over, and if there are no such improvements, further action will be taken. So please abide by the rules, they are here to keep you safe and secure.

a. Abide by your superiors. They are your directors, here to guide you. Anything that needs to be reported will and should be taken to your superiors immediately.
b. Do not work outside than what is within your assigned position.
c. Entities are to be observed and studied. Nothing outside of that. Forming otherwise unnecessary connections with such entities will be taken against you. We discourage contact with Entities other than that of your work.
d. Treat your co-workers as they were your partners. We are in this together, we do not abide violence against each other.
e. Anything that risks others’ lives beyond what is necessary is extremely discouraged, even if it is a big opportunity for you to shine. Work as a team, think of others, criminal-classes are here for a reason.
f. Staff involved in any lockdown are to seek evacuation as their highest priority.
g. If for any reason, a staff member must enter the enclosure of an entity, they must first check for any open/exposed wounds, if present, do not continue.
h. Should contamination occur, superiors must be informed of the incident for quarantine


a. Containment Breach:
i. Containment is priority, keep casualties to a minimum; entities are not expendable and are often one-of-a-kind.
ii. Direct and evacuate any staff to the nearest panic room, they are what make out the foundation.
iii. Detain any defectors.
iV. Escort any injured staff to any available medic.

b. Rescue:
i. Incapacitate the entity before continuing into the enclosure using tranquilizers, anesthetic gasses, or restraints.
ii. Move as a unit and do not separate until required. Do not let one man move in alone.
iii. Eyes on the entity at all times.
iV. Once entry is made, split off into two groups: One for ensuring the entity remains incapacitated, the other for rescue procedure.
V. Extract the victim and evacuate the cell as quickly as possible.
Vi. Escort the injured to medical or quarantine depending upon the situation.

a. Interaction and Specifics:
i. It is prohibited to have any interaction or contact with an entity if it is outside of entity experimentation, thus, building any relationship is extremely discouraged.
ii. Any experiment conducted in Northern Facility laboratories must be led by a scientist. No other departments have the clearance to conduct these experiments. Any other involvements are prohibited unless proper permissions are accepted by higher ups.
iii. Observation reports must be handed to superior staff, anything that is false or intentionally misleading will put you under scrutinization.

b. Laboratory Safety:
i. Abide by the safety precautions, hazards, and or procedures given for this experiment and entity.
ii. Entity procedures and information are listed within their documents. It is advised to read said document before furthering with experimentation.
iii. If the entity begins affecting a member of staff through either ability or emotional stimuli, remove them from the observation deck at once.
iV. Misconduct will be penalized.

3. Entities.

Our Entities are labeled by their danger levels. Thus the term Alpha, Beta, and Gamma are created. Gamma are considered the safest and least volatile of the three sectors, they are easier to manage and contain than the other sectors. Beta is much more difficult, though they are not as dangerous. Alpha, however, are the most volatile of the three.
Approaching any of the dangerous entities requires clearance and permission. It is encouraged to approach any observation and experiment alongside another.

Entities are to be housed within specialized enclosures, always with one entrance and one exit where they are to receive basic provisions such as food, water, and a generous amount of living space. Beds and toilets are provided when necessary. Each unit will be outfitted with a state-of-the-art video surveillance system for constant monitoring and scientific observation.
Within particular intervals during the week, the Entity will be subjected to extensive experimentation for research purposes, as well as for further measurement and understanding of the psychophysiology of the Entities housed in this facility.

4. Occupations.

We have different sectors and each have their own assigned roles. As such, we encourage collaborations and teamwork between the sector outside of your own. Each sector handles sides of the Facility, it is discouraged to be involved in others’ work if it is unnecessary or beyond your permission and clearance.

The Department of Science: This department takes over most of the research done to the entities in the facility, taking hold of the knowledge and development that involves the entities.
The Department of Security: They are our guardians, our sentinel, they are who put their lives in line for others’ safety.
The Department of Health: They cover your health and anything that involves your well-being, treating you with their best abilities.
The Department of Psychology: These are your therapists, working to both improve the mental health and well-being of staff and entities alike.
The Department of Engineering: Engineering undertakes any and all technical requests such as designing entity containment cells, maintenance, repair, communication, and technology.The Department of Human Resources: This department takes jurisdiction over Criminal Class individuals, waste management, food/catering staff, and external affairs.

Science: Dr. Niklas Berkhoff
Security: Alex Johnson
Health: Dr. Mercy Robinson
Psychology: Dr. Summer Owens
Engineering: Dr. Athalla Arkhan Ardyatman
Human Resources: Hagatha Wednesday

5. Closing.

We hope to see you yield good development with us, reaching heights that are beyond what you could’ve taken. Enjoy your stay and get along well. Welcome to the Operation.

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