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Operation: Under The Ice is a multinational organization that operates out of parts of the arctic circle. This organization is dedicated to containing and studying the entities that are found in the arctic. These entities break the laws of the universe as we know them.

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Continuing Work User Date
Hello everyone! I know it has been a while since I have worked on building this wiki, but I have finally returned to continue the job! ED_Games56 Jun. 26, 2021
Moderator application page open! User Date
The moderator application page is now open! If you would like to apply to be a wiki moderator, you can now do so. The application page can be found here. ED_Games56 Mar. 15, 2021
Rules regarding the use of entities User Date
Although there has been a general consensus of when to use an entity from the Discord server on the wiki, there has never been an official rule about it. The fact that a new user not familiar with the server has joined is leading me to post this update regarding the use of entities. Do not add entities to the wiki that are from the server without the writer's permission. Do not mention other entities in your article without the writer's permission. Do not add any logs from the server without the writer's permission. Do no submit a log about an entity that is not yours without permission from the original writer. You cannot write logs for entities that are not yet listed on the wiki. That is all. ED_Games56 Mar. 15, 2021
Welcome to the Operation! User Date
Operation: Under the Ice was a Discord server started by the users TDG#0035 and spaceman#4827. It is heavily inspired by the works of the SCP Foundation wiki (found here). Anyways, TDG and spaceman allowed me to basically start an expansion campaign for the server, which includes this wiki and a YouTube channel. Links to the Discord server and the YouTube channel can be found at the bottom of the page. ED_Games56 Mar. 5, 2021

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North Facility 1-A Minecraft Map

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